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Sample input files to execute KeyGraph



During execution of, it requires the input files which should contains the data to process. Could you please provide some sample file that describes what kind of input format is expected over here?

After reading the ReadMe file, we executed the with our input file (Created based on "If inputFile is a file, there should be one document per line. Each line should have two columns separated with a tab charachter. The first column is the document id and the second column is the content of the document." from ReadMe). I attached my input file in the attached file. The output of my program is as below (final cluster is zero). Could you please help? Many Thanks in advance.

Loading Documents...
1 documnets are loaded.
10 documents are loaded.
8 documents remaind after filterig small documents (Documents that have less than 4 keywords).
8 documents are loaded (after filtering)!
build Graph
Extract Communities
Keyword Communities :::::::::0
Document Clusters (initial) :::::::::0
Off topic documents:8 out of 8
Document Clusters (final) :::::::::0
8 1.1186333333333334 1.04925 0.06938333333333334


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